Sunday :: Aug 24, 2003

Outsourcing Jobs

by Mary

Posted by Mary
Bush's campaign shows that they understand the importance of spending money wisely. As any profit center, they are anxious not to pay too much for their workers, especially if you can get that work done by moving those jobs offshore. India is a very popular place to move jobs these days and the Bush campaign has found that they can do their fund raising and create jobs - in India.

HCL eServe, the business process outsourcing arm of the Shiv Nadar-promoted HCL Technologies, has bagged a project to undertake a fund-raising campaign for the US Republican Party over the telephone.

This is the first time such a project has been handed out to a company outside the US. The market research and public relations companies engaged by the party usually undertake such projects.

HCL eServe has put in place a team of 75 people to work on the project out of its call centres in Noida and Gurgaon. According to industry sources, the number of seats could be ramped up depending on the success of the campaign. These operators are required to call up people in the US seeking their support for President George W Bush and a donation for the Republican cause.

Well, the RNC is a party of CEOs and they are only doing what other businesses are doing. They are joining IBM and HP-Compact in finding ways to reduce their costs for labor. The Gartner Group believes that 1 in 10 jobs in high tech will be moved overseas by the end of next year. Over 500,000 jobs have been lost already in this area and it has contributed to the jobless recovery. The reasons extend from the collapse of the dotcom bubble, the end of the Y2K boom, the difficulty in getting new h1-B visas processed after 9/11 and the ease of having L-1 workers come in to get trained, yet continue to be paid at their home country rates. American high tech workers who are losing their jobs are not too happy to find themselves training their replacements. Modern management likes to point to books like Who Moved My Cheese to tell these workers they are on their own.

Some labor experts say out-of-work programmers should stop complaining, and focus on their own re-training, just like the Rust Belt assembly line workers whose factory jobs migrated to Mexico and Asia in the 1980s.

No worries, though. George W Bush's tax cuts are going build prosperity for all Americans soon:

Here's what I believe and here's what I know -- that when Americans have more take-home pay to spend, to save, to invest, the whole economy will grow, and people are more likely to find a job. (Applause.)

I also understand whose money we spend in Washington, D.C. It's not the government's money, it's the people's money. (Applause.) We're returning more money to the people to help them raise their families. We're reducing taxes on dividends and capital gains to encourage investment. We're giving small businesses incentives to expand and to hire new people. With all these actions, we are laying the foundations for greater prosperity and more jobs across America so that every single person in this country -- every person -- has a chance to realize the American Dream. (Applause.)

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