Thursday :: Aug 28, 2003

Condi Wants More Friends

by Mary

Posted by Mary
Ah, it seems just a few months ago when Condi thought that some of our friends were betrayers and we weren't going to forgive them for this insult for a very long time. Back then, some of our friends didn't believe it when we said that Saddam was a terrible threat to us. All of our real friends would have joined us in our glorious war to protect the world from this monstrous threat:

Briefing foreign reporters in Washington ahead of this weekend's G8 summit meeting in France, Ms. Rice said that notwithstanding "a relationship that's important to us . . . a good relationship," healing U.S.-Canadian differences "will take some time."

"I think there was disappointment in the United States that a friend like Canada was unable to support the United States in what we considered to be an extremely important issue for our security," she said.

"And so, yes, there was some disappointment that there seemed to be some questioning of American motives, and some lack of understanding that we were simply trying to do this in support of our own security, in support of everyone else's security.

"And that disappointment will, of course, not go [away] easily. It will take some time, because when friends are in a position where we say our security's at stake, we would have thought, as we got from many of our friends, that the answer would have been, 'Well, how can we help?' "

Well, that was then. Today, Condi is out and about telling the world that despite some disagreements, the US really does value its allies.

Rice said differences of opinion are bound to happen, and that too much should not be read into them when they occur.

"Occasionally, we'll have differences," she said in the interview. "But that does not mean that the United States does not value its allies, does not value the opinions of its allies. And it, most especially, does not mean that we don't need allies."

Do you think there is something in the water in the White House and Crawford Ranch that causes a supposedly intelligent woman to believe in fairy tales? Condi still believes that Saddam was such a threat to the US' security that it was essential we take him out.

"But that Iraq was a threat, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq had used those weapons of mass destruction on its neighbors and its own people, that Iraq had ambitions in the volatile region of the Middle East and was therefore a danger to international security, these were shared premises of the entire international community," she said.

Rice said there was strong evidence and intelligence in the run-up to the war that Saddam had biological and chemical weapons and could have had a nuclear weapon by the end of the decade. Since then, troops in Iraq have uncovered "miles of documents" that will help lead to the discovery of Iraqi weapons, she said.

"I have no doubt that that picture will confirm that this was a regime that was a grave threat to international peace and security because of its intent on having the world's worst weapons," Rice said.

Besides having no doubt on this issue, Condi also declared that the US is not a bully and certainly never, ever wanted to be an imperial power. Isn't it nice that we have Condi to correct our false impressions?

Why is it when Condi talks to the foreign press she sounds like a 8 year-old petulant and bossy girl? It's all about best friends and betrayal. It's all about you agree with me or I won't play with you anymore. It's all about I really am nice so why aren't you going along with me -- haven't I bent over backwards to show you why I'm correct? Male bullies are full of bluster and threats. Female bullies are full of I won't be your friend and I'll make sure no one plays with you again. The language that Condi uses shows that she too is a bully and incapable of treating others as equals and as such worthy of respect.

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