Thursday :: Sep 4, 2003

Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

The next time you hear a member of the cabal trying to equate the resistance we are facing in Iraq with post-war Germany, remember this.

Since Howard Dean has the big megaphone right now, I am convinced the best way to get 9/11 dirty laundry out there is for Dean to begin asking the tough questions about Bush’s inaction before the catastrophe, and his suspect actions after it. For example, let’s have Dean ask why Bush and the FBI authorized this extraordinary multi-city hopscotch effort to evacuate Saudis and specifically Bin Laden family members out of the country in the days after 9/11, at a time when damn near everyone else was prevented from doing so.

Please, Mr. Bush, stop your whining about the withdrawal of Miguel Estrada’s nomination to the appeals court. You have no one but yourself to blame. Just because you couldn’t pull a race-based craven political selection stunt with Hispanics this time, like your dad did with Clarence Thomas, (oops, I forgot that Republicans don’t believe in race-based stuff…) is more a reflection of your faults than those of Mr. Estrada. And it represents a failure also for Bill Frist.

If two senior Department of Labor managers in the Clinton Administration had left to join unions after the agency issued two favorable regulatory actions, the GOP would be screaming. But to the GOP, this outrageous action at the EPA is business as usual for their corrupt mindset, where government exists to hand out benefits to campaign contributors.

Colin Powell has figured out finally how to beat Rummy: work behind his back with the Joint Chiefs to undermine Defense’s failed policies and then present new ideas as fait accomplis to a hapless NSA and over-his-head president. This is how the allegedly best foreign policy team in decades works together: by going around each other’s backs, setting policy by withholding information, undermining each other, and doing it under the nose of an overrated incompetent NSA better known for her clothes and mirrors than for any real accomplishments.

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