Friday :: Sep 5, 2003

Bush: Poll Numbers Tanking, Grab the Flight Suit!

by Steve

With his disapproval rating and the country’s “wrong track” numbers rising to their highest levels in eighteen months, with the polls showing that you are tied or now losing to an unnamed Democrat, and with some recent polls showing a rise in voters’ fears about terrorism, what would Karl and Bush decide to do?

You guessed it. Give a national address on Iraq and specifically terrorism. On late notice, the White House just announced that Bush will address the nation Sunday night on the two topics. You of course remember his last such speech, the “Top Gun”, sock-stuffed-in-pants appearance aboard the Abraham Lincoln to announce that combat in Iraq was over? Never mind that the White House has since tried to amend the official record of what he said that day to cover the mounting number of dead troops since combat “ended”. Bush has decided to speak to us again Sunday night for fifteen minutes, to address criticism of his handling of Iraq and the war on terrorism, not so coincidentally on the first evening of the NFL season.

Perhaps this time he’ll speak from the flight deck of some other ship, (the HMS Pinafore?) this time with a salami in his pants. On a more serious note, perhaps we’ll get the surprise announcement that they’ve found the WMDs, just like the last time he said it.

Please email your favorite presidential candidate and ask them to demand equal time that night, since such an appearance by Bush is clearly a campaign stunt. The Democrats should demand a speaker to respond to whatever Bush is peddling that night. It would be great if the party had a speaker lined up with all the facts on the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq since Bush’s last misuse of the airwaves, the lack of WMDs, the increase in terrorism since we supposedly reduced the threat by toppling Saddam, and to point out some other choice Bush lies.

And try and keep from laughing your ass off while Skippy lies to you again Sunday night.

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