Saturday :: Sep 6, 2003

Saturday Morning Bush Hypocrisy

by Steve

Imagine the gall of Rummy now telling the Iraqis that it is up to them to stop the violence, after your forces and your failed planning cost the Iraqis their basic needs (water, power, sanitation, food, law and order), not to mention that your troops are in an impossible situation, sometimes heavy-bootin’ it throughout homes and neighborhoods, sometimes indiscriminately shooting and killing anything that moves for their own basic survival.

Bush will certainly talk about his accomplishments in fighting terra’ tomorrow night, and perhaps he can explain why we still are issuing warnings like these for guys that should have been captured by now, instead of wasting valuable time in a failed Iraqi invasion built upon outright lies.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas resigned today, all but killing Bush’s road map to peace. After telling the world and specifically Tony Blair he would do whatever it took to pursue peace if everyone just let him have his Iraqi invasion, and after telling the world that the US would not become engaged until the Palestinians dumped Arafat and appointed another leader, Bush has since hung Abbas out to dry and failed to account for multiple sources of power and obstruction in the region. And yes, Bush should be doing more to lean on Israel and force them to moderate their pursuits of Hamas in exchange for giving Abbas a chance to demonstrate progress to his people. But when you allow Tom DeLay to undercut your own foreign policy to the Israelis, and when Sharon concludes as a result that he will not face real pressure from America due to right wing pressure before the election, your commitments to the process are exposed as a political sham. Abbas feels that Israel failed to implement its commitments under the road map, and the US failed to keep the pressure on Israel to do so. Unless Abbas is talked out of his resignation, Bush and his wonderful foreign policy team have managed to create exactly the opposite of what they claimed to have wanted: a more powerful Arafat. Remember all those wonderful pictures of Bush the diplomat holding his arms out to both Sharon and Abbas, saying he would stay personally engaged in this no matter what it took? Yeah right.

With the rest of his supposed domestic agenda in the toilet, Bush and Rove want to focus a couple of weeks on education, an issue that polls show has gone back over to the Democrats. This may not be a good idea for Bush. While Bush touts his “Leave No Child Behind” legislation, he has lost the support and created an enemy of the one Democrat he needed for cover on this: Ted Kennedy. After supporting Bush on this initiative, Kennedy is now speaking out on how Bush has broken his funding commitments and shortchanged the program since he signed it into law. It now also doesn’t help that the “Texas Miracle” that Bush and Rod Paige used to get into the White House on a typically Democratic issue was exposed to have been a total fraud. The low dropout scores that Bush and Paige touted from the Texas programs turned out to be fabricated, and Paige has his fingerprints all over this, notwithstanding his own unfitness for the job. Yet Bush wants to say he is the education president again. Sorry Skippy, this dog won’t hunt next year. You are finished on education.

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