Saturday :: Sep 6, 2003

The Free Fall in Bush Poll Numbers Has Begun

by Steve

To those of you who keep looking for a tipping point, here it is: the free-fall has started.

According to the latest Zogby poll released today, and taken late this week of over a thousand likely voters, Bush’s combined “excellent/good” approval rating has crashed to 45%, the lowest of his presidency. His combined “fair/poor” rating now has climbed to 54%, again the highest of his presidency. The Time/CNN poll, also taken late last week, shows Bush with his lowest approval and highest disapproval ratings of his presidency.

Moreover, the bloom is coming off the rose about Mr. Bush’s personal approval rating. The Zogby poll shows Bush with his lowest favorability rating (54%) and his highest unfavorability rating (45%) of his presidency. Again, keep in mind this was from a relatively large sample (1,013) of likely voters.

Furthermore, according to the Zogby poll as of late last week, Bush loses by twelve points (40%-52%) to an unnamed Democrat. This twelve-point spread mirrors the margin in the Time/CNN poll also of late last week (29%-41%).

A simple question: With the Iraq Survey Group about to report next week that they have found no WMDs, and with the likelihood of the economy producing significant jobs anytime soon practically nil, and with no domestic agenda except tax cuts that have failed, what short of another attack on this country could Bush do to reverse his slide before November 2004?

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