Sunday :: Sep 7, 2003

Skippy Preaches: More Sacrifice, But No Endgame in Sight

by Steve

Well, Skippy went on TV tonight, and gave an $87 billion budget for his failing Iraqi occupation. And while telling us that we will do whatever is necessary, he didn’t lay out an exit strategy or an endgame for Americans. He said that Iraq was the magnet for terrorists now, which should be contrasted with what the cabal said in selling the war, that a defeated Saddam would cripple worldwide terrorism.

Bush described Iraq as the central front in the war against terror and said that "enemies of freedom are making a desperate stand there, and there they must be defeated.

"This will take time and require sacrifice," he said. "Yet we will do what is necessary, we will spend what is necessary, to achieve this essential victory in the war on terror, to promote freedom and to make our own nation more secure."

Yet it is now increasingly clear to many, even Bush sycophants like Andrew Sullivan, that the false assumptions and failed policies have forced the cabal to adopt a Plan B, whereby the cabal hopes in fact that Iraq now becomes a terrorist magnet so that we can fight them all in one place with professional troops, not in our land here at home. In other words, Bush is using our troops as bait for his failed policy. Yet every attack in India or Saudi Arabia proves this strategy to be as wrong as the cabal’s previous flops. And Al Qaeda is telling us today that in fact we will be hit soon in numerous areas, outside of Iraq.

So, we will spend whatever is necessary, which is what an increasingly concerned electorate doesn’t want to hear especially in the absence of an endgame. But adding $87 billion to a spiraling deficit for just this year, knowing how deceitful this administration is with its budgetary accounting, means that the costs Bush is seeking are really much more than that. An average taxpayer, who is being told that there is no money for better roads, promised education spending, safer harbors and domestic infrastructure, universal health insurance, a true Medicare drug benefit, and a solvent Social Security trust fund, will give the president the benefit of the doubt again, but only until the next major attack and story about the soon-to-be $550 billion deficit.

And as Mary said in the comment board on last night’s post, while asking for sacrifice from Americans to meet this challenge, apparently that sacrifice doesn’t extend to the wealthy whom have gotten their budget-busting tax cuts from Bush and aren’t being asked to sacrifice anything.

The best thing that the Democratic candidates could do in response to this speech to challenge the sacrifice issue is to begin immediately calling for true sacrifice, a tax increase for the top brackets to pay these costs that Bush feels are so critical. Then, and only then will we see how hollow are Bush’s calls for sacrifice.

Update: David Sanger of the New York Times has already posted his analysis of Bush and his speech, and finds both wanting. Sanger writes a fair and hard-hitting analysis, something you probably will not see in the Woodward/Downie ass-kissing Washington Post. Read this piece, and if you like what Sanger says, send him an email at

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