Tuesday :: Sep 16, 2003

Cheney In a "Time Warp" While GOP Frets Over Bush Job Record

by Steve

A Los Angeles Times editorial today tags Dick Cheney for his lie-riddled appearance on Timmy the Lapdog’s show Sunday, saying that while continuing to issue “sweeping, unproven claims about Saddam Hussein’s connections to terrorism”, he seems to be stuck in a time warp.

And while Cheney tries the “all is well in Iraq, nothing to see here, keep moving on” approach, those running on the ticket with Bush/Cheney next year are getting really nervous about the party’s exposure to Democratic attacks over lost jobs, according to today’s Post.

In a memo to House members last week, GOP Conference Chairman Deborah Pryce (Ohio) said Republicans face a "rough communications terrain," especially concerning the economy. "The issue of the economy is more important than ever," she wrote, "and because voters tend to define the economy in the context of jobs, our central message must remained focused on jobs. It is not possible for you to talk about jobs too much!"

But several Republicans complained in a closed-door meeting last week that party leaders had yet to offer concrete legislative solutions to the country's economic distress.

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. (R-N.C.) recounted recently meeting a man from his district who had just lost his job at TRW Inc. "What am I going to tell people about jobs?" Jones said in an interview. "People are hurting, and people don't see any leadership or direction." He said he cannot simply "say 'jobs, jobs, jobs' and sound like a parrot."

There may be a lot of dead parrots next year. Maybe a GOP "Dead Parrots Club?"

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