Wednesday :: Sep 17, 2003

Open Thread

by Steve

Please feel free to continue your thoughts on the impact of Clark entering the race here, or post any other topic you wish to bring up.

My thoughts on Clark's entry, and what it means for Kerry are at the end of the earlier Clark thread from Tuesday. In sum, too many people in the blogosphere elsewhere today it seems are making a lot out of Clark's entry, and what it means to others. It seems Dean supporters are split between those who feel threatened by the team and motives of the Clinton/Gore people populating the effort, and those who feel that it portends good things for an eventual Dean/Clark ticket (which I do not think is likely.) There was a reason Clark got in, which was the fact that the team around Clark looked at this field and its chances against Bush next year, and wasn't impressed.

And I don't believe the conventional wisdom that this is mortally wounding for Kerry either. I'm not convinced that Clark will go after Kerry. But the simple truth is that it is too soon to tell anything, so let's just see what Clark actually does and says in the coming weeks and reassess where we are at Halloween.

Your comments on this, or anything else overnight are always welcome here.

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