Friday :: Sep 19, 2003

Open Thread

by Steve

Your chance to steal the mike...

And to chew on overnight, as part of our recent discussions about the Administration’s successful efforts to make a Saddam/Al Qaeda/9-11 connection stick in voters’ minds, I point you to this piece from from July.

And while Rummy and Bush now tell us that they have no evidence that Saddam was connected to 9/11, it wasn’t for a lack of trying, nor did the evidence, or lack of it matter. As this David Martin piece for CBS News from last September points out, within five hours of the planes hitting the Pentagon and the WTC on 9/11, Rummy was ordering subordinates to draw up plans to hit both Osama Bin Laden (how did they know where to find him so quickly?), and Saddam simultaneously, regardless of the fact that initial indications pointed to Al Qaeda, and not Iraq. As we have subsequently learned, Iran was a more likely state sponsor than Iraq ever was, yet Rummy and the PNAC cabal came into office certain that Iraq was the source of evil in the world, so when 9-11 came along, presto! Let's go after them both, even if the evidence isn't there.

As if that ever stopped these guys...

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