Saturday :: Sep 20, 2003

Latest Newsweek Poll: Bush Still Tanking; Clark Rises to Top

by Steve

Wesley Clark’s entry into the race this week resulted in his movement to the top of the Democratic pack, according to the latest Newsweek Poll taken Thursday and Friday of over a thousand adults by phone. Moreover, Bush’s approval rating has fallen to 51%, and his disapproval rating is the highest it has been for this poll, coming in at 42%.

Clark does the best in a head-to-head matchup against Bush:

When registered voters were asked who they would vote for if a general election if President George W. Bush was pitted against Clark, Kerry or Dean, none of the candidates were able to beat the incumbent, although Clark fared better than the others, polling at 43 percent to Bush’s 47 percent. Kerry was next, polling at 43 percent to Bush’s 48 percent. Dean fared worst, with Bush beating him by a full 14 points (52 percent to 38 percent).

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