Sunday :: Sep 21, 2003

Sunday Quick Hits

by Steve

Read this to get a perspective on the damage Bush and Rummy have caused to the Army Reserves through their misuse of these folks, who basically are your neighbors and mine.

In Afghanistan, the Karzai government, under the tutelage of the Bush Administration, is stepping into a huge mistake of typical GOP elitist proportions: demolishing the homes of commoners to hand land and luxury apartments to cabinet ministers, military commanders, and others in the circle around the government. Why am I not surprised?

A story that I didn’t get to post on Friday, but which deserved comment was a top-notch piece by the Post on the intersection of politics and policy that Karl Rove occupies in this administration, and how it can backfire. Although the Times ran a weak story on the impact of Bush’s steel tariffs upon the economy yesterday, the Friday piece by the Post shows how Rove and the White House ran over the free trade principles of the economists. The result of the steel tariffs, contrary to what the political types were hoping for, has been higher, job-killing prices for those who consume steel, and the resentment by typically GOP-friendly business people in the Rust Belt towards the White House. On top of that, Rove’s anticipated poaching of the Steelworkers Union support for 2004 will not materialize either. The negative impact from the tariffs on the overall economy in terms of job losses was confirmed somewhat by a report released Friday by the US International Trade Commission, which said that although the industry has restructured during the respite from foreign competition from the tariffs, steel jobs have also been shed, as have jobs in steel consuming industries. Moreover, trading partners in Europe are about to hit us at the WTO with retaliatory tariffs of their own.

And last, but certainly not least, we lost three more soldiers today in Iraq, in the ongoing sadness that is George W. Bush's liberated Iraq.

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