Sunday :: Sep 21, 2003

Gephardt Creates Anti-Dean Website

by Steve

As the front-runner, Howard Dean is now experiencing attacks from all sides. He has been getting attacked from early on by John Kerry, with little success or benefit to Kerry to this point. Joe Lieberman has defined his campaign as being the real alternative to Dean, and has seen his own poll numbers plummet as a result. John Edwards and Bob Graham have been relatively silent on Dean to this point. And I for one believe that before too long, Wesley Clark will aim some of his comments towards Dean simply because he was put into this race by the Clintons for that purpose: to be the Anybody But Dean candidate.

Lately, Dick Gephardt, who is involved in a life-or-death struggle with Dean in Iowa, has fired directly at Dean over comments made by Dean nearly a decade ago on Medicare. After receiving returning fire from the Dean campaign, rather than moving on Gephardt has gone a step further and set up a website solely for the purpose of pointing out Dean’s past comments on Medicare and Social Security called

Will this spawn sites by other candidates to do the same? Interestingly enough, isn’t this the concept behind the TruthSquad?

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