Friday :: Sep 26, 2003

Davis May Challenge Schwarzenegger to Debate

by Steve

Finally. Suggesting something I put forward awhile back, Gray Davis has now done what he should have done weeks ago: challenge Arnold to a debate.

Unfortunately, Davis hasn’t come quite out and demanded a one-on-one debate, but he should. There is no downside in such a request for Davis. Arnold and his Pete Wilson advisors have been running against Davis and not the other members of the clown posse since Day One of this farce. Davis has apparently had enough of the distortions and demanded that Schwarzenegger you’re your facts straight.”

After weeks of enduring grueling Town Hall meetings with voters, oftentimes fielding tough questions, Davis has demonstrated that he should have no problem with an actor working off index cards.

Davis says he will decide in two days whether or not to demand such a debate. Either way, he cannot lose. If Arnold accepts, with no questions in advance this time for the Wilson clan to script answers, Davis can easily demonstrate where Arnold has lied. And if Arnold declines for any reason, Davis can trash him for that.

Get on with it Governor. Issue the demand now.

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