Sunday :: Sep 28, 2003

Outrage Overload

by Mary

Calpundit has finally seen that the Bush administration is willing to do anything to keep their power and position and it makes him sick.

I guess Krugman was right all along: these are radical ideologues who care about nothing except staying in power and will do anything, no matter how craven and malevolent, to get what they want.

Yes, the Bushies really are as bad as Krugman and now Kevin fears. I definitely understand Kevin's feeling sick about this. I know I came to believe that this crew had no "normal" stopping points before the war and that their sense of the world and their own sense of entitlement means they are totally incapable of taking in information that might help them revise their positions. And they really do believe the ends justify the means. In fact, they probably think they are "doing good" even as they betray people and sell off the assets of the country. I often think that GeeDubya actually does believe he is so special that he is owed everything -- and everything he does is justified because he is special. When they talk about people who believe they are entitled, they really were talking about Bush.

The thing that puzzles me is the fact that so many decent Republicans have failed to see this and have failed to speak out against it. How can they acquiesce to the terrible policies? What allows them to turn their eyes from the damage to our environment? Or the outrageous deficit? Or the disasterous war? When do they find the Bushies so outrageously out of line that they too get sick thinking about it? It almost makes me nostalgic for Tricky Dick who at least had one foot in reality and was willing to base his policies in scientific fact.

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