Thursday :: Oct 2, 2003

Mid-Day Update

by Steve

Felony Watch

The White House is keeping a wary eye on five key GOP members of Congress for signs of ditching Bush on the issue of not appointing a special counsel.

Still, one Republican with close ties to the administration said the White House was monitoring five Republicans in Congress, all of whom have an independent streak on foreign policy and intelligence matters: Senators John McCain of Arizona, Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and John W. Warner of Virginia, and Representative Porter J. Goss of Florida.

But the drip-drip-drip is already coming. Hagel said last night on CNBC’s Capitol Report that Bush needs to sit down with Cheney and find out what he knows about this (gee, do you think Hagel already knows that Scooter Libby was one of the leakers?). And just now, Arlen Specter jumped off the reservation and said Ashcroft should consider recusing himself from the investigation because of his prior political relationship with Karl Rove.

And in trying to misdirect the media’s attention away from the White House to the rest of the bureaucracy, the Justice Department let it leak today that the investigation will extend to other parts of the Bush Administration now, including State and Defense, thereby making it impossible for the inquiry to be done anytime soon. Keep in mind the original complaint by Wilson, confirmed by the Post said ” two top White House officials called at least six Washington journalists and disclosed the identity and occupation of Wilson's wife." It didn’t say administration officials. It said White House officials.

Arnold's Touching Campaign

And on other matters, Arnold admitted this morning that he has groped and sexually harassed women, contradicting his own press spokesman who said that the story in today’s Los Angeles Times was nothing but a political smear job. Keep in mind that this "bad behavior" that Arnold is now admitting to happened also in the 1990's and as late as 2000, when he has been happily married to Maria. Kinda puts a different spin on those puff pieces he has been getting in People Magazine and on Oprah, huh?

Well, it could be worse for Arnold. He could also be accused of being a pill-popping drug abuser like Rush Limbaugh is being accused of today.

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