Thursday :: Oct 2, 2003

Bush's Disapproval Numbers Keep Climbing/Graham Staying In Until SC

by Steve

Both the ABC News/Washington Post and CBS News/New York Times polls of the last couple days have Bush clocking in with his highest disapproval ratings of his administration, both in the forties.

As for my earlier post on Bob Graham, chalk it up to crappy reporting from Fox News. That'll teach me. Despite losing his press secretary today, Graham's people tonight deny that he will get out of the race, but will instead focus on making a stand in Iowa, or South Carolina (which is more likely.) Unfortunately, the South Carolina beachhead is going to run right into an all-or-nothing strategy by John Edwards, who is also betting all his chips on coming in first in the state. Due to his recent solid lead in the latest poll there, Edwards is unlikely to get out until that contest has been settled. But with Graham now staying in and betting his chips there as well, we at least know that the contest will make a victim out of either Graham or Edwards, or possibly both if Clark now decides to make a play there and push them both out.

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