Sunday :: Oct 5, 2003

Bush Foreign Policy Mismanagement Grows

by Steve

Despite an accommodating media and first-class White House spin operation, you would be hard pressed to find a more inept foreign policy team in our recent history than this administration. While the Bush Administration is unable to bullshit their way into a single foreign policy success, they must now concede that they have lost control of both Afghanistan and Iraq. They also find their road map for peace in the Middle East in shambles due to faulty assumptions by Dick Cheney and ineffectiveness by Condi Rice and Colin Powell.

The dishonor roll for this pathetic team is long, and even a partial list of their failures in less than three years is shocking for its scope and damage to the world. Aside from an inattentiveness to terrorism that led to 9-11, and an intentional ignorance of emerging problems in North Korea that have now led to that country joining the nuclear club, the Bushies ignored the Israeli-Palestinian relationship until domestic politics dictated a half-assed road map. Now that road map is in tatters, and those inside and outside of the government admit that the Bush team, specifically Cheney, Rice, and Powell have destroyed the peace process, with no endgame identified or fallback plan ready, demonstrating a pattern of failure visible to friends and enemies alike. An eye-opening and damning Page One report in tomorrow’s Post shows how badly the Administration botched the Middle East peace process, demonstrating a degree of wrong-headedness and failed follow-through that leaves the region with little hope and without leadership on where to go from here.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation and rebuilding of both countries has been mismanaged so badly that Bush is left with turning control of both efforts over to the heretofore useless Condi Rice, who herself admits she didn’t know what her deputy knew about the useless Iraq WMD reports from the CIA. After lying her way through her deficiencies for the last two years, and sitting on a plan handed to her on how to go after Al Qaeda by Sandy Berger for eight months, she has demonstrated very little ability to manage anything successfully except the mirrors in her office. Bush’s team is so bankrupt of talent, that W finds himself yanking control of both rebuilding efforts away from State and Defense and turning them over to a demonstrably failing NSC and White House, populated by a Vice-president who has his fingerprints on all these failures. Yet these same White House and NSC operations have proven willing to ignore contrary evidence about WMDs, Iraq oil production capabilities, and totally unable and unwilling to control Israel and prevent them from doing irreparable damage to peace prospects in the region. Does anyone really think that handing more authority over to the hapless, well-dressed, and deceitful Rice will improve anything?

The end result is that the November 2004 election approach with the world a much more dangerous place now as a result of Bush Administration bungling than the world Bill Clinton bequeathed to them. The Democrats will have ample opportunity to exploit the falling levels of confidence that voters have in Bush’s ability to manage world affairs. But by the time they reassume office, the Democrats will find themselves needing years to pick up the pieces from Bush’s reign of error.

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