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FAQ & Timelines

by Mary

Frequently Asked Questions & Important Timelines

If you see a term you don't know, and it isn't explained here or if you have a question you'd like us to answer, please drop Steve or Mary a note with your question. We'll add it to this list.

  1. 9/11 Timelines
  2. Timeline Leading to Iraq War
  3. Where can I find Frank Luntz' Propaganda
  4. How do I use HTML tags in my comments?
  5. What is SCLM?
  6. What is VRWC?
  7. What is the PNAC?
  8. What is BFEE?

  1. 9/11 Timelines
    This is the most comprehensive 9/11 timeline I know about and provides information about much that was known leading up to 9/11. And if this site is down, here is a mirror.

    This 9/11 timeline looks at timeline for events that happened on September 11th.

    Here is the 9/11 commission report and the executive summary (both pdf docs).

    Finally, if you want to have a clear idea about what the Bush administration was doing to prevent this catastrophe, you can read Operation Ignore, a chapter from Al Frankin's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, which Frankin made available online.

  2. Timeline Leading to Iraq War

    I've attempted to pull together a comprehensive timeline of the activities and statements that led to the Iraq War. I started this last July and attempted to use original documentation or reputable media stories to document how the Bush administration took us to war on a lie.

    For a fully interactive timeline, the Mother Jones Lie-by-Lie timeline is exceptional.

    Representative Henry Waxman has done some exceptional work in documenting the lies as well and now has a searchable database for administration quotes.

    Also notable, is this record that Palamedes put together about why so many Americans thought that Iraq was linked to al Qaeda.

    Added 07/10/2004: a very comprehensive list of original documents from Findlaw including the July 2004 Senate Intelligence Report in downloadable sections.

    Added 07/11/2004: the Hutton Inquiry website contains a lot of fascinating information from the UK perspective.

  3. Where can I find Frank Luntz' Propaganda?

    Frank Luntz is the master propagandist for the Republican party. He sells his services to the Republican party as a pollster, but what he really does is to use focus groups to find the best ways to sell the Republican policies and how to frame their lies. I documented his lies about how he was advising the Republicans to sell themselves as concerned conservationists to their constitutents because he knew the Republican are seen as very bad for the environment.

    Here are some of his publications on Republican strategy:

  4. How do I use HTML tags in my comments?

    HTML tags are a series of bracket enclosed characters and they always come in pairs. The first tag has the character(s) that set the format and the second enclosing tag ends that format. For example: <b> begins formating the text bold and </b> ends the bolding.

    When commenting, you can use the templates above the comment box. To use the template, select the template (everything on the line before the last "=" sign), copy it and paste it into the comment box. Then replace the word between the tags with the text you want to format. For adding links to your comment, select the link template, replace the URL between the quotes with your url and replace the words "Linked text" with your text. (You must surround your url with quotes or it will not work correctly!)

    Caution: preview your comment and make sure your link works before submitting the comment. You can test your link by right-clicking on the link and selecting the "Open in New Window" option to see if it works.

    Tip: You can have the link open in a new window by using the directive target="_blank". Example:
    <a href="" target="_blank">Launch Google</a>
    results in: Launch Google

    One online guide that is very good is the Bare Bones Guide to HTML.

  5. What is SCLM?

    SCLM stands for the So-Called Liberal Media. Eric Altherman's definitive book, What Liberal Media explains why the term "Liberal Media" has to be prefaced by "So-Called". And don't miss Bob Somerby's Daily Howler if you really want to understand why our mainstream media is anything but liberal.
  6. What is VRWC?

    VRWC is short-hand for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Made popular by Hillary Clinton during the Clinton Impeachment Scandal, there is much evidence that there is indeed a well-linked and well-financed right-wing that is shaping the news and opinions of a number of Americans. A number of right-wingers proudly say they are members of this gang.
  7. What is the PNAC?

    PNAC stands for Project for a New American Century. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz are prominent members of this right-wing organization and they have a simple belief: American power has to be displayed and used to "govern" the world for America's interest. A very good news article that describes the players and their role in taking the country to war in Iraq can be found here. Extensive information about this group can be found at the PNAC Primer.
  8. What is BFEE?

    BFEE = Bush Family Evil Empire, Includes non-governmental Bushes like Neil and Marvin, their Saudi and Carlyle business partners, Ken Lay, and assorted others who do business with the Bush family. This site provides a deck of playing cards named BFEE.
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