Monday :: Oct 13, 2003

Is The Tide Going Out Without You, George?

by pessimist

Just a quick note on an impression I got tonight watching the major network news. It seemed to me that the order of those presented as today's newsworthies put Bush at the tail end of every story, and even then he was presented in a bad light. For example, there was a shot of him stumbling his way into Marine One. The flack about whether or not Bush is in charge of his own (mis)Adminitration, nothing new to us here, seems to be increasing as well.

It's beginning to look to me that Bush is losing corporate support. There could be a lot of reasons why this is so. Maybe some group with a lot of media connections got frozen out of the Iraq Candy Store. Maybe this is a CIA or military psy-op intended as a payback.

I think another "coincidence" might be the supposed strong victory won by Scwarzenegger here in California. With Orrin Hatch pushing for a Constitutional Amendment removing the citizenship requirement from the Constitution, and wanting the whole process completed by next spring, enquiring minds just might think that something is up, and maybe Bush is out. He has been a serious embarrassment to the GOP and its supporters, and he has taken a whole lot of attention away from the Great Victory in Iraq. With his antics and "wisdom" stirring up a hornet's nest of anger in the populace, as well as stirrings within the Capitol Building, he might have become too politically expensive to retain.

Robert Novak in a recent article expressed the concern that Bush may not really be in control (DUH!). Meet the Press had the usual bunch of Right Wing Pundits postulating that Bush was in trouble of losing to the Democrats over Iraq and the Federal deficit, all the while loudly proclaiming that IF certain things went certain ways, the Democrats would be in Deep Demo Doo-doo. There is definite fear in the GOP air, and this shark certainly smells it.

So here's what I propose: check out the WAY that Bush is presented to you in your local media and in the newspapers. Look at the pictures separately from the text, and decide if the images are flattering or fatuous. I'd be interested in your take on this.

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