Wednesday :: Oct 15, 2003

Wednesday Morning Update

by Steve

Harold Myerson of the American Prospect runs a piece this morning in the Washington Post catching up to a story we had several weeks ago. According to a multi-month study, Fox News viewers were the most likely to hold mistaken impressions about the war in Iraq. That’s what Fair and Balanced will get you. runs a story on how three Democratic congressman are going after the EPA for using taxpayer funds to run what amounts to a propaganda campaign on the Hispanic Radio Network to tout Bush’s inaccurately described Clear Skies Initiative.

Contrary to what Rummy and Pacemaker Dick have asserted all along, the Iraq war has been the best recruiting tool for Al Qaeda possible, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In the latest Granite State Poll completed late last week, Howard Dean has firmed up a solid 13-point lead over John Kerry in New Hampshire, 30%-17%, with Wesley Clark already chalking up 10%.

John Edwards has decided to vote against Bush’s $87 billion Iraq package.

And the escalating combat between the Israelis and Palestinians claimed its first American diplomatic personnel this morning as three US diplomatic security staff were killed by a remote control device in the Gaza Strip.

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