Thursday :: Oct 16, 2003

Healthcare Benefits- An issue for Bush?

by Duckman GR

So we’ve got strikes by those grossly overpaid and pampered grocery store workers in So Cal, St. Louis, and West Virginia. At least that’s what the local population seems to think, as evidenced by these lovely letters that filled an entire page of the San Diego Union-Tribune. The UFCW seems to have lost the PR war, at least here in San Diego, but as Cub fans are all too aware, it ain’t over till it’s over.

What are they striking for anyway? Big fat wage increases? More vacation time? Comfy chairs and big screen TV’s in the break rooms? My sources tell me that the stores had proposed charging the workers $5 a week more for their healthcare benefits and/or $15 a week for family coverage. As some brilliant commenter said over at Cal Pundit, they want free benefits! Although those figures are out the window now, that was the plan, that and reducing their contributions to the pension plan by excluding or reducing qualifying workers. And no raises.

And for that the strikers get vitriol. So I found it amusing (?) to read this bit of news about increasing Medicare premiums. What do those old folks want anyway, free Health Care? And look who’s delivering that increase, our glorious leader hisself! “The Medicare premium will shoot up next year to $66.60 a month, an increase of 13.5 percent, or $7.90 a month, the Bush administration said yesterday.”

So if it’s bad for workers to want to keep their health care costs to a minimum, but it’s okay to increase the costs of health care for retiree’s, shouldn’t the seniors start complaining? And remember, Bush is the Government, he gets to make the decisions, he’s the one who hugs ad nauseam. Why is he doing that to them?

My head hurts, I need some aspirin.

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