Friday :: Oct 17, 2003

Friday Night Update: Clark Boomlet Over?

by Steve

The Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau ran this piece today on the internal strife within the Bush foreign policy team. Note how eager folks on the inside are to talk about the problems, even after Bush allegedly told them this week to stop leaking. In other words, he has lost control of his own team. As a point of information, I have been having an email conversation with a senior Knight-Ridder Washington correspondent this week, who tells me that “the wheels are about to come off” inside the White House. The reporter would not provide me with any more details.

Tony Blair is harassing one of his own well-regarded ambassadors because the Uzbekistan envoy had the nerve to criticize American foreign policy and the brutal repression of Uzbekistanis by their own government.

France has already laid down a marker against any US regime change efforts in Iran. Moreover, France, Britain and Germany will be traveling to Iran next week to defuse the current tension over the Iranian nuclear program, to the annoyance of the United States.

Four more American soldiers have died in Iraq.

If you are to believe this latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll out today, the Wesley Clark boomlet is over, and the race has returned to a five-way race with a large undecided block.

And although I understand the appeal of acting like an outsider and being this year’s John McCain by running against Washington, frankly it wasn’t smart for Howard Dean to trash Congress by equating them with cockroaches. The shoot-from-the-hip routine may play well to some audiences in Iowa, but it won’t win friends in key places. And yes, you do need members of Congress and Senators at some point in this campaign.

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