Monday :: Oct 20, 2003

New Polls-Health Care A Winning Issue For Dems

by Steve

There is a new Zogby Poll out today, which is notably based on likely voters instead of registered voters. In the poll, according to the national Democratic subset of 500 likely Democratic voters, there is currently a four-person top tier of Howard Dean (12%), Wesley Clark (10%), John Kerry (9%), and Joe Lieberman (8%). This poll, conducted through last Saturday the 18th, shows a four-point drop-off in support over the last six weeks from each of the other three while Clark gained 7 points. Yet there is still a large block of undecideds (38%). In the same poll, an unnamed Democrat runs ahead of Bush by a statistically insignificant 45%-43% amongst 921 likely voters nationwide, with John Kerry doing the best amongst all Democrats in a head-to-head matchup, and with his best numbers ever, losing 45%-41%. The same voters by an eight-point margin (42%-50%) believe that it is time for someone new next year, rather than Bush.

And as I posted yesterday, the results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll taken through last Monday show that Congressional Democrats should hold out for a Medicare drug coverage plan with no gaps. By nearly four-to-one margins, those polled supported a Medicare drug program, even if it meant higher taxes to pay for it.

What’s even more eye opening, is the increasing public support for universal health care in the country. By a nearly two-to-one margin (62%-32%), those polled now would support a government-run universal health insurance program run like Medicare rather than our current system. A majority continues to support such a new approach, even if it means longer waiting times for nonemergency visits, or fewer physician choices. And if given a choice of holding down taxes and keeping the current system, or raising taxes and providing such a program, those polled chose a universal system with higher taxes by more than a four-to-one margin (80%-17%).

Yes, health care will be a major issue next year, and the Democrats are well positioned to hammer the GOP over their inaction, and piecemeal, gap-riddled approaches. This poll shows that GOP attacks against such a program because of its cost will fall flat with most voters, who would rather have action and coverage, than scare stories designed to appeal to the GOP do-nothing base.

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