Monday :: Oct 20, 2003

Three Stories For Your Overnight Reading

by Steve

For your overnight reading, you might want to take a look at three articles. The first is a piece by Juliet Eilperin and David Broder in the Post tomorrow which reports that rank-and-file GOP representatives are increasingly willing to separate themselves from the president on issues that cause them problems back home for next year’s election.

The second piece, by the Post’s Jim VandeHei, reports that many GOP consultants now feel that Dick Gephardt may be the toughest opponent for Bush next year, if he gets past the Democratic nomination process. Due to Gephardt’s union support and the possible collateral energizing of the black vote, as well as his Midwestern roots, early support for the president’s actions in Iraq, and advocacy for a suddenly-popular comprehensive universal health insurance program, several A-List GOP movers and shakers speculate that Gephardt may cause Bush problems next year.

Lastly, the latest New Yorker has an essay by Seymour Hersh on the Bush Administration’s selective use of WMD intelligence that suited its purposes, even though the intelligence pros in the government felt such information wasn’t credible. There isn’t much new here, except some new speculation as to who may have created the Niger uranium forgeries. But it is a comprehensive summary of a sad and pathetic episode in our nation’s history for which brave young Americans continue to pay the ultimate price. The only real “money” paragraph in the piece, alleging that Bush’s fixation on Iraq led to a redirection of resources away from the pursuit of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, is dropped into the story without any further elaboration or proof. If Hersh had such information in this story, then it would truly be lethal for Bush. Perhaps such corroboration will emerge later.

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