Wednesday :: Oct 22, 2003

Open Thread

by Steve

Here's an Open Thread for you to use, and a couple of items for you to chew on overnight.

The latest Pew Research Center poll shows its highest disapproval rating for Bush ever, at 42%. Note the large sample size. More than half of those polled say that Bush does not have a clear plan for Iraq, and almost four in ten want the troops brought home immediately.

Even Chuck Hagel thinks that Congress gave Bush too much power to wage war last year.

The next time you hear a conservative say that we are overtaxed as a nation, remember this study from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, which reveals that the federal tax burden as a percentage of GDP is now the lowest it has been since World War II. CBPP also finds that the federal deficit is primarily the cause of diminished revenues rather than increased spending. And the deficit as a percentage of GDP is the highest it has been since two years (85-86, 91-92) when the GOP controlled the White House, according to information from Citizens for Tax Justice.

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