Wednesday :: Oct 22, 2003

Ashcroft Violates Letter, Intent, Spirit of the Law, Lady Justice Casts First Stone

by Duckman GR

posted by Duckman GR

Well, there might not be a headline like that, but there should. If it’s not covering up the oddly transfixing breasts of Lady Justice (where’s w00t when you need him/her!), it’s those terrible terrorist potheads and wrong bong sellers (Free Tommy Chong!). And if it’s not that, then it’s his ramping up of Death Penalty Cases. And if it's not that then he’s going after Democratic Politicians. Why is he bugging the office of Philly’s Mayor? Why is he going after 3 City Councilmen in San Diego? Why do we have a newly minted Groverner in California? (Don’t answer that, I was just using it as part of a pattern. I have my opinion on the Arnold matter already)

What’s happening here? Is it part of roveco’s, sorry, bushco’s, drive to make permanent the gop’s grip on democracy’s jugular? I don’t know, but it does seem sort of suspicious, doesn’t it? Given the cast of characters, and their lack thereof, am I being paranoid, or paranoid enough?

Aren’t there bigger fish to fry then some local city councilmen? How about bushco’s Pioneers, for instance? Wouldn’t that be a better place to look for corruption? (Jeebus, is that a record for understatement or what?) Deep Throat said “follow the money” and Deep Throat was so very right. Read this from Common Cause and bookmark the report for future reference.

But noooooo, instead we get this big investigation or these terrorists to apprehend or sick and dying evildoers to stop.

So we have the truly duplicitous Mr. Asscroft (oops, sp) who said personal ideology would not interfere with carrying out his duties, but just from looking at some of his recent performances as above, do you really have to wonder?

Oh, of course Mr. Ashheap (darn that spell checker) has a full plate. There are those terrorists to apprehend. The fact that they’re protesting the bush administration doesn’t deter Mr. Asshat (speller again?) from doing his level best does it? Yes, he is a great AG, isn’t he? Indeed, Attorney General Ash ’toundingly Hypocritical and Wrong for His Job Because He Can’t Subjugate His Personal Beliefs to His Duties as Head of the Justice Department’ Croft (sheesh, I give up, he’s just an Ass, okay) is, well, one for the ages anyway. If only if it were in a past age and we were done with him in the current one.

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