Thursday :: Oct 23, 2003

Open Thread

by Mary

What do you think is important right now?

Certainly, a very important story is that of General Boykin who believes that "his God" is bigger than "their God". While Bush tries to play it nice with his evangelical base, he is undermining his own stated policy. Nothing makes hypocrisy more blatant than to act one way with one audience and another way at the same time towards a different audience. So while Bush "rebukes" Malaysia's Mahathir for his intemporate remarks, the WH issues a report that Boykin doesn't speak for the administration. (Ah, such profiles in courage.) The Pakistanis see Bush's inaction on Boykin as yet one more example of American disregard of Islam. While Rummy leaks memos about reducing the number of terrorists, it seems that this one appointment has built an atmosphere for creating new terrorists that hate America. Good job, George! Even though you knew this was important, you had to go out and screw up this as well.

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