Thursday :: Oct 23, 2003

Call To Arms: Computer Scientists

by paradox

Posted by paradox

An extremely disquieting entry on faulty Diebold equipment and the Florida 2000 election can be found at Mark Crispin Millerís blog today. An appalling test scenario was documented at Salon yesterday. The Black Box Voting book was recently published online in pdfís.

Without peerless voting mechanisms that everybody trusts our Democracy is dead. Itíll be like living in Mexico under the PRI. Itís not hyperbole.

Only the fully qualified computer scientists can take this fight forward. I am an amateur political scientist, and although I know the truth of the danger here I will not be listened to. I have professional qualifications, but not academic ones.

Call to arms: all qualified citizens in Computer Science, our Democracy is directly threatened in only 13 months. Critical compromises may have already taken place in Florida 2000 and Georgia 2002.

Only you have the expertise, experience and qualifications to fully combat the democracy-killing idea that we can count votes without an available paper audit. Fate has handed you the tools and the timing to defend our primary core value in Democracy: counting votes.

I have never spoken to or beseeched my fellow brother and sister citizens like this in my life. I beg of you to read the links, see the danger, band together and wipe out this incredible effrontery to the legacy of Paine, Franklin, Madison, Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. We do not want to be eternally labeled as the generation that let Democracy die.

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