Thursday :: Oct 23, 2003

Senate GOP Predictably Blames CIA, Not White House For Iraq Intelligence Lies

by Steve

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s GOP leadership is about to issue its own report on the false assumptions that led up to the Iraq war and the intelligence used to support that war. Not surprisingly, Pat Roberts of Kansas, the GOP chair of the committee, is directing blame away from the White House for pressuring intelligence analysts or selectively using favored intelligence, and instead is steering blame directly at the CIA and George Tenet. Once the CIA is fingered for this, let’s sit back and see the fireworks from the Agency, not necessarily from Tenet himself, who is so compromised and neutered by the White House that he has lost the respect of his own staff. Rather, sit back and watch the torrent of leaks and counterattacks from within and outside of the Agency blaming the White House for the fiasco.

Expect Walter Pincus of the Post to be a busy guy over the winter.

Update: See my new post at the top. Pincus is already getting new material from the intelligence community in response to this GOP whitewash attempt.

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