Sunday :: Oct 26, 2003

The Political Paradigm Shift

by pessimist

There's something strange in the air, and I don't refer to the copious amounts of smoke in the Southern California air. Party Loyalty, the ulimate requirement of modern politics, seems to be losing its absoluteness. Note that about 25% of registered Democrats in California voted for Arnold over Davis. Note that Attorney General Bill Lockyer voted for Arnold. Note that the Republicans in Congress voted several bills counter to the wishes of the Bush (mis)Administration.

More on anti-Bush votes by GOP here.

Now, the news comes out that New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is keeping an enemies list - of Republican Bad Guys!

Bloomberg's blacklist, supplied by his aides, says New Yorkers shouldn't donate campaign cash to powerful House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Texas) and Reps. Tom Tancredo (Colo.), Mark Kennedy (Minn.) and Charlie Norwood (Ga.).

On Wednesday [10/22/03], Bloomberg announced he was teaming up with the New York City Partnership in a campaign to discourage New Yorkers from donating to politicians who vote against the city's interests, while supporting those who back the city.

At a press conference, Bloomberg cited DeLay as having promoted an anti-New York transportation measure and a Bloomberg aide later provided The Post with the names of the other three congressmen on the mayor's hit list.

Aides said Bloomberg blackballed Tancredo and Norwood for bills targeting illegal aliens and Kennedy was hit for legislation that would cut Amtrak funding.

But even key Democrats warned that Democrat-turned-Republican Bloomberg's move could backfire - especially given DeLay's powerful role in vetting every bill that passes the House.

"Someone that may not have been your friend last year you may need next week," said Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Manhattan).

Rangel! Who's side are you on? IF the GOP wants to fracture over a stupid list, LET THEM!!!

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