Tuesday :: Oct 28, 2003

Tuesday Morning Update

by Steve

More stories this morning that provide a backdrop that Bush is losing control of his PNAC charade, and that it might cost him his presidency. Ben Goddard in The Hill, Ken Fineman of Newsday’s Washington Bureau, and editorials in both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times call into question Bush’s credibility over how things are going in Iraq. And new attacks this morning elsewhere in Iraq killed four and injured more American troops.

Check out the quote from the “senior administration official” as to what the attacks mean for the Administration’s Iraq exit strategy.

The next time you hear Bush take credit for cutting off the flow of funds to terrorist organizations, think of this story and remember what Chuck Grassley (R-Getting Fed Up With Bush) says.

But at least Bush can take cheer that consumer confidence seems to be improving. Now if only those millions of jobs could magically reappear…

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