Thursday :: Oct 30, 2003

NYT’s Editorial on Mission Accomplished Lie Rank Bush Ass-Kissing

by paradox

Posted by paradox

If any further proof were needed that the New York Times is captured one need only look at this incredible editorial on the Mission Accomplished lie that Bush so pathetically splatted manure all over himself with on Tuesday.

“Democrats gnashed their teeth last spring when President Bush pulled off what looked like the ultimate photo-op: his jet-pilot landing on an aircraft carrier to announce the end of major hostilities in Iraq.”

Democrats gnashed their teeth because the sight of cokehead draft dodger donning military gear and being one of the “troops” is offensive.

The editorial then extremely gently outlines the scenario of the sick lie wherein Bush tried to blame the sailors of the aircraft carrier for his sick little stunt.

“At least for the moment, the carrier images seem to be more about overconfidence than victory.”

There’s nothing here to explain the neurotic attempt to lie so childishly. That attempting to deflect blame for this travesty reeks of gross emotional immaturity and appalling bad judgment. That it’s a horrifying, embarrassing spectacle of forcing ordinary mature citizens watch this profound degradation to the office of the Presidency.

No, instead we get a history of other embarrassing episodes of other presidents doing stupid stunts. How on Earth does that make what Bush did excusable?

The proof of capture occurs in the last line: “…Bush's potential opponents may be enjoying the administration's current embarrassment, but they'll feel different the next time they're in Iowa and a staff member announces it's time for the portrait with the cow.”

See that? Those Democrats may be enjoying this now (we’re horrifed and appalled, actually) but when it’s their turn next year it’ll happen to them and it won’t be so funny.

I’ve never read anything so sick or disgraceful in all my years of reading NYT’s editorials. The work completely absolves Bush of being a total lying creep and tells the Democrats to watch out, your turn is coming.

It’s not about getting back at Bush. Somebody needs to tell the idiot who wrote this that truth, honesty, responsiblity, and integrity are the cornerstones to any successful life, and that having them tossed out the window by the President represents a manifest danger to the health and security of the county.

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