Tuesday :: Nov 4, 2003

CBS/Viacom Confirms Its Mighty Wurlitzer Membership

by Steve

As you may have heard, CBS has produced a mini-series on Ronald Reagan for the November sweeps. Cast in the role of Reagan for some reason was James Brolin, Mr. Barbra Streisand. Now, due to the howls of the Mighty Wurlitzer about the series being unfair to the Gipper, CBS has been pressured to yank the series off its lineup for November and dump the series onto corporate cousin Showtime. This is a good choice, since from what little I have heard about the show there is some questionable material in the series that may not stand up to verification. And the RNC sure did its homework in going after the show and getting it pulled from broadcast. At least the precedent has been set for the DNC to do the same from now on. Thanks Ed Gillespie.

But it is also appropriate for Viacom to dump a factually-challenged show onto Showtime, a network that is already experienced at making up drama and portraying it as fact. You remember that Showtime is the same network that aired DC 9/11, a piece of pro-Bush propaganda just a little over a month ago that was thoroughly discredited. The question is why a network so willing to engage in propaganda packaged as a dramatic reenactment of actual events can be trusted to not blur the line in its management of its news division.

Well, at least Viacom doesn't have a monopoly on pro-GOP management of its entertainment: NBC will be rolling out its version of revisionist, Pentagon-managed history this weekend with its Jessica Lynch movie. Want to take any bets that the movie accurately portrays how she was "rescued"?

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