Sunday :: Nov 16, 2003

Clark Makes Major Media Buy Aimed At Dean - Kerry Goes For Broke

by Steve

The Sunday Post has a Page One story on Wesley Clark’s efforts to regain lost momentum in New Hampshire, through a $1.1 million media buy and an assumption that John Kerry won’t recover. Clark’s team is upping its estimate of how much it will raise in the fourth quarter to a rather astounding $12 million, and is already slotting funds for more large buys in South Carolina and Arizona. The new ad campaign is said to aim at Dean.

Kerry for his part is undergoing that painful part of a campaign where everything is make or break. His staffers in a Post story buried back in the paper admit that the campaign under Jim Jordan went to sleep for weeks during the summer with no message, and played defense rather than offense. Interestingly, by forgoing public financing when they cannot possibly catch up to Dean over the course of a long campaign, the only benefit the Kerry campaign can derive from self-financing is the ability to dump more money in the earlier contests than they would have been able to had they stayed under the limits. In essence, Kerry is going for broke in New Hampshire by spending his own money over the public limits in an effort to edge Dean or come in a strong second. He has already indicated that he won’t spend his own money on a losing cause if donors don’t support him, so what you are seeing is a last-ditch effort to spend whatever is necessary to catch Dean in New Hampshire. If he doesn’t meet his goal in New Hampshire, Kerry will shut off the money spigot and call it quits.

Which is what Clark is counting on apparently already.

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