Monday :: Nov 17, 2003

Condi's Smear Job Against GOP Congressman

by Steve

Al Kamen's column in the Post this morning contains several interesting snippets, including a barb at Condi Rice's efforts to discredit GOP Congressman Curt Weldon's efforts to travel to Pyongyang and improve dialogue with the North Koreans. Apparently Weldon sent a letter to the White House back on October 30 asking for answers and some accountability for Rice's smearing of Weldon and his intent.

Weldon called his treatment by the NSC "offensive and arrogant," noting that Rice tried to stop his last trip to the "hermit kingdom" in May, a move he successfully overturned.

After that trip, he said, the NSC "irresponsibly fabricated, with malicious intent," a rumor that the delegation delivered some sort of secret document to the North Koreans in a "blatant attempt to smear our reputations."

In the letter, also signed by three other Republicans and the five Democrats, Weldon praised President Bill Clinton's handling of his earlier travels, saying Clinton did not cancel delegations even when they opposed his policies.

In this instance, Weldon said, the bipartisan group "is in total and complete support" of Bush's "agenda with North Korea."

It's "ironic," Weldon told Bush, that "your administration does not think our delegation is fit to go to North Korea, but recently asked us to lead a congressional delegation to Iraq over the Thanksgiving holiday to meet our troops."

Weldon has yet to receive a response. He probably shouldn't hold his breath.

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