Monday :: Nov 17, 2003

Bunnypants Runs Again! Bush Chickens Out on Addressing UK Parliament

by paradox

Posted by paradox

Our President certainly has a problem with personal courage--Bush is afraid of heckling and bad moments addressing the UK Parliament on his trip to the UK this week, so he wussed out and won't give one. How brave.

Bush, who served gloriously in the Vietnam war by getting drunk on his National Guard stint and failing to show up for his last post, has also started a lot of ugly comments by the utterly ridiculous and paranoid security details of his trip.

They were so scared they wanted to shut down the London Tube, 100 feet underground. This is a visit from a "democratic" President? It only reinforces the appearance that Bush is too afraid to face the UK public. Disgraceful.

It's consistent behavior for this wussy. On 9/11 he ran to Nebraska to "get out of harm's way."

Bush hasn't even left the US yet and he's already humiliated us in front of an ally yet again.

By the way, I ran this by Nicholas Kristoff to make sure it wasn't too tough or ruffled any feathers for the lying cowards who kill our men for no reason. He said it was just fine. Perfect.

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