Thursday :: Nov 20, 2003

The 'Revolutionary Power' of 21st Century Republicans Overwhelms Democrats

by paradox

Paul Krugman and Henry Kissinger share the same view on a profound development in American politics. Really.

In 1957 Kissinger wrote A World Restored, in which he described a "revolutionary power," a group or party within the established political system that does, in fact, believe the system in which they exist is illegitimate.

Elections by and for the people? Steal it if you lose. War through legal international conventions? Forget it. Social Security? Gut it with spectacular deficits, the result of incredible rank lying and obfuscation in budget proposals. Separation of Church and State? Toss it out the window with faith-based money. Civil Rights? Trash them with the Patriot Act.

Unfortunately for us all Kissinger then goes on to describe how the "opposition" party is helpless in the face of the new revolutionaries, for they really can't believe that the new radical freaks would ever take such actions. The GOP couldn't believe that elections were meant to be stolen. Could they?

This is precisely the situation we find ourselves in today with the Democrats helpless and weak right in the face of egregious Republican legislative abuses.

Tom Daschle is going to cave on a horrible Energy bill that works towards none of our long-term energy needs, rankly pays off GOP campaign contributors, and grossly ignores imperative ecological and regional security aspects surrounding oil.

Dianne Feinstein is going to vote for an abomination of a Medicare bill. Currently DiFi says she's "inclined" to vote for it, which means she always will. DiFi voted for Bush's first tax cut and the war.

We're witnessing the greatest political failures of our lifetimes unfold before us this very day - even Henry Waxman got suckered into voting for the war, while Feinstein and Daschle have no clue they're implementing the radical freak GOP agenda of looting the treasury to enrich the already rich, cripple any future social spending, war at will with no checks, eviscerate civil and environmental protections, keep our disastrous dependence on fossil fuesl, crush any election integrity with faulty voting machines, and tear down the wall between Church and State.

It's extremely difficult to watch and write about, yes. But the truth about what's happening has got to spread if there's any hope of our clueless Democratic leadership to understand what they're doing - and how profoundly they're failing.

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