Thursday :: Nov 20, 2003

A Word From Our Sponsor

by Steve

First, a word or two to our new readers who are coming across this site for the first time. You are welcome here, even if you are center-right or right wing in your beliefs. I note gladly that some of you, such as Sharp Left Turn, Apoxy, and Tato seem to be participating for the first time. We do enjoy debate here; all we ask is that there be civility (Paradox’s ripostes notwithstanding) and an understanding that many Democrats and independents feel this country is being taken in a terrible direction by this Administration using means that would have been roundly attacked (and were, without foundation) by the GOP had Clinton or Gore employed those same means.

You may feel some glee at seeing how distressed we appear to be here, and to some of you on the right it may be wonderful payback for whatever rage and blind hostility you felt against Clinton. However, keep in mind that this regime’s behavior has set the bar so low that the next Democratic administration need no longer fear attacks from the media or the GOP when and if they display similar behavior in the future. The GOP’s ability to moralize in the future about conflicts of interest, enriching your friends at the expense of the public interest, packing the courts, stealing elections, broken campaign promises, fiscal irresponsibility, international recklessness, administrative ineptitude, inadequate homeland security, or class warfare among many other sins is forever lost as a result of the Bush regime’s behavior in just their first three years.

You reap what you sow.

And to those of you who said nice things about me, thanks very much and your check is in the mail. This blog is the community that it is thanks to you, your comments, and our writers. I just pay the fees each month.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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