Thursday :: Nov 27, 2003

You Cap It

by Steve

Several things about Bush's PR/Campaign Footage Stunt in Baghdad today:

1. Yes, the troops loved it, and should have. Bush has been AWOL with them, like he was AWOL himself thirty years ago.

2. Yes, Bush wanted to spend some quality time with real soldiers, in a typical chickenhawk wanabe moment.

3. Yes, the whole purpose of the visit was for Rove to have new campaign footage for the commercials, now that he can't use the Abraham Lincoln "Mission Accomplished" stock footage anymore.

4. Yes, it will work with your typical Fox/CNN viewer for a couple of months, until the next chopper is shot down or the next building is blown up.

5. Yes, as I said earlier, Clinton did this already in Kosovo, even though most media outlets today will tell you that it was bold, brave, courageous, unprecedented, yada yada yada...

6. Yes, this trip in a way points to the true failures of Bush foreign policy as compared to the Clinton foreign policy, even with the faults of the latter.

7. And yes, the first thing the Democrats should do is use this same stock in their own commercials to remind voters to look for the footage in Bush TV commercials, so that the sense of cynicism towards Bush is reinforced with voters. That way, when Rove uses it, the footage loses its appeal and its use calls into question Bush's motives for the trip in the first place. Kerry and Clark are best positioned to do this, based on their service records.

Aside from that, suggest your own caption.

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