Sunday :: Nov 30, 2003

Media Matters

by Mary

Posted by Mary
As a followup to my earlier story about the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meeting in Miami, I found this report by a Miami reporter who writes about her own arrest and jailing during the meeting.

The White House believes the Washington Post is out to get them. According the Washingtonian, a senior administration official says Leonard Downie should be called Osama bin Downie. The Washington Post has had some excellent stories uncovering the lies and falsehoods of the Bush administration and so a concerted effort to silence them is taking place behind the scenes. In particular, Bart Gellman's comprehensive report about David Kay's inability to find the "smoking gun" has created a flurry of stories designed to undercut the WaPo. Rather than being intimidated, WaPo stands behind their reporting.

Here's a handy list courtesy of the Washingtonian of who all in the Bush administration might be hiding behing the "senior administration official" (aka SAO) designation and their respective offices. So which one do you think made the crack about Downie?

Stories via Romenesko.

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