Monday :: Dec 1, 2003

Colorado GOP Loses Redistricting Power Grab

by Steve

In a case closely watched by both parties, the Colorado state Supreme Court ruled this morning that the state GOP leadership illegally pushed through a second redistricting to grab more GOP seats. In Colorado, the GOP majority commenced a redistricting this year, less than two years after a judge completed the once-a-decade redistricting in the state when the state’s General Assembly failed to do its job. The Colorado GOP redistricting effort was undertaken with White House assistance, and is similar to the ongoing Tom DeLay/Karl Rove hijinks in Texas where a GOP seat grab is also facing a court challenge. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled this morning that there was nothing in the state constitution that allowed for more than one census-driven redistricting each decade, and the previous judicially supervised effort met that test. This case should have ramifications now in Texas, and will be a states rights problem for the GOP should they decide to challenge state court decisions at the United States Supreme Court.

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