Wednesday :: Dec 3, 2003

Bush Medicare Official To Leave and Work For Those He Just Helped

by Steve

Now it makes even more sense. In another example of borderline sleaze from an administration that has made the Clinton team look like a bunch of nuns, Thomas Scully, Bush's adminstrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is leaving his job in mid-December. And where is Scully heading to work? Why, in typical Bush fashion, he is leaving to work for one of several law/lobbyist firms or investment houses that just benefited from the corporate giveaways contained in the bill. If you believe that Scully, in his key role as head of CMS, stayed sufficiently detached from the discussions over the bill's various components and giveaways to avoid a conflict of interest, then you will also believe that Bush won Florida.

And what piddling thing was Mike Espy hounded by an independent counsel for?

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