Wednesday :: Dec 3, 2003

Party Building and the Presidential Campaign

by CA Pol Junkie

by CA Pol Junkie

When we choose a Democratic presidential nominee next year, we will be doing more than deciding who gets to take on Bush. The nominee will also be the voice of the Party and will be responsible for building the Party out of its current minority status. Yesterday, the Howard Dean campaign took a page from MoveOn and used its blog to highlight Rep. Leonard Boswell, who represents a competitive district, and ask for donations on his behalf. This morning, Boswell was impressed with the results:

Good Morning and WOW!

After a long day traveling Iowa with Governor Dean yesterday, I came home to great news. While we were on the road YOU sent a $35,000 message to Rove/Bush Inc.

I just wanted to let you know and thank you for the thousands more that came in by sunrise in Iowa. I am so excited by your commitment and energy. I can't wait to see how high you will take this.


Of course, it's no accident that the Dean campaign happened to choose the only Democratic representative from Iowa to shower with money. However, the larger point is that the Democratic nominee needs to bring more Democrats to Capitol Hill on their coattails, and Dean is demonstrating a way for the eventual nominee (even if it is (gasp) not Dean) to unite the Party and get a governing majority.

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