Thursday :: Dec 4, 2003

Dean: The Good and the Bad for the Frontrunner

by paradox

Posted by paradox

Howard Dean is crushing John Kerry in NH and even pulling ahead of him in MA. He leads in IA. The Bat has come out to hit back at the latest Bush commercial. Molly Ivins has endorsed Dean, who currently has $25 million in cash.

Dean even started helping other Democrats in House races, funneling $50,000 to Boswell (D-IA). He didnít ask for an endorsement, it was just a classy smart move. Another classy move was publishing a pamphlet based upon and in the spirit of Tom Paine. Heís earned frontrunner status.

The frontrunner takes more hits and gets more attention, of course. Currently Dean is attempting to quell two issues: his draft deferment and the sealing of his records as Governor of Vermont for 10 years.

Judicial Watch has sued to get the records opened. The Dean campaign has hinted that they might open the records under certain conditions, but nothing has been stated as final on this issue yet.

Dean stated unequivocally to Tweety that he hoped to avoid the draft with his legitimate medical deferment. Mathews praised Dean for being an honest man. Clarkies gloated and blogged furiously.

The hits from the records and the draft seem fairly harmless, but they will hurt to a degree. It seems strange that a Governor needs to seal public records for 10 years, and Dean has yet to satisfactorily explain why. Itís absurd to think this is hiding some kind of scandal or illegality, but it is a negative mystery.

The draft issue might marginally hurt Dean with undecided voters going to Clark, but it wonít ever be used as a weakness when compared to Bush, who canít run on his own draft record as a deserter. Same with the records issue in the general election: Dean will hand over his records when Cheney coughs up the energy task force records.

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