Sunday :: Dec 7, 2003

Sacramento NBC Affiliate Bumps Sharpton SNL Appearance

by Steve

I had been looking forward to seeing this week's Saturday Night Live with Al Sharpton. Although I am not supporting Sharpton, he is entertaining and could have gotten some good digs in tonight at his fellow Democrats and Bush. And since other politicians have been on SNL, why not Reverend Al?

So what the hell happened with KCRA tonight? I tune in to see Sharpton on SNL, and KCRA runs a crawl at the bottom of the screen saying that they have decided they cannot air tonight's show with Sharpton because he is certified on the ballot by the Secretary of State? Are they kidding?

Then why did KCRA have no problem airing shows with Schwarzenegger not once but twice when he was on the ballot (Oprah and the Tonight Show)? Why did KCRA recently air episodes of Leno with Kerry and Gephardt, both of whom are on the same ballot with Sharpton? There is a huge problem here for KCRA in terms of their selectivity. What exactly is their legal rationale for this, and why are they selective in its enforcement?

Do they adhere to some rule when black presidential candidates are on?

You can demand an explanation from KCRA.

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