Sunday :: Dec 7, 2003

Boeing: Corporate Welfare Queen

by Mary

Posted by Mary
Josh Marshall recommended reading Slate's article about the Boeing snafu. According to the reporter, Boeing's problem arose from hubris and greed. In 1996 the company changed its focus from selling airplanes to the private airlines to becoming a huge player in the military industrial complex so they could soak up taxpayer dollars.

The 7E7, offered in its place, is certainly a safer bet. But if the Dreamliner isn't a winner�and there is no clear evidence that it will offer airlines something that Airbus can't�the odds are good that Boeing will be out of the commercial aircraft business in 10 years. To leapfrog Airbus, Boeing needed to roll the dice. Instead, its new culture of soaking the taxpayers for military goodies while playing it safe on the commercial-aircraft front may have cost Boeing its future and blown a hole in the U.S. economy that never will close.

Related to this story was last Friday's NOW program which had another discussion with Chuck Spivey who has spent years talking about why the excessive spending for the defense budget does not necessarily correspond to making us safer.

US Defense Spending Chart
Defense Spending Chart (which now accounts for over 50% of the discretionary spending).

One does wonder why people haven't figured out that corporate welfare leads to a culture of laziness and entitlement. The fact that so much of our taxpayer dollars are going to the defense budget leads me to believe that our economy is much sicker than we are being told.

When will the true conservative say something about this welfare when complaining about excessive spending?

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