Monday :: Dec 8, 2003

Update On Kerry Profanity Story From AP

by Steve

Remember my post from yesterday about the hypocrisy of the White House to complain about John Kerry's four letter word in describing how Bush has screwed up in Iraq? I mentioned that readers should email Ron Fournier, the AP correspondent whose byline appeared above the story to remind Fournier that it was the born again Christian Bush himself who used the same four letter word in an open setting in the White House (honor and dignity indeed!) to startled senators meeting with Condi Rice a year before the invasion.

Reader Brian did in fact send an email to Fournier, and guess what? According to Brian, Fournier claims that although the story has his name on it, he didn't write it.

Subject: RE: Bush's use of foul language
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 05:22:53 -0500
From: "Ron Fournier"
To: "Brian X. XXXXXX"

I did not write that story, and I don't know who did. You make some good points. I'lll forward your email to my bosses



What? The story still has his name on it this morning, yet he is disowning it?

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