Monday :: Dec 8, 2003

So Much For George's "Kennedy Moment"

by pessimist

Last Thursday, I wrote in Fly Thee To The Moon about how George Warmonger Bush's toadying sycophants felt he needed a Big Idea to show vision , a kind of "Kennedy Moment" in their words, to demonstrate that George Warmonger Bush is more than a petroleum mugger.

Well, we should have known better. Every time he talks about how he's going to do this or that, and it's going to require huge sums to achieve this, it's trumpeted all over the media. Think the big African AIDS campaign he was pushing last summer. $15 billion! No mere bagatelle by any means!

So how much ended up in the hands of medicos dealing with this horrible disease? And what does this have to do with the moon?

Check out US diverting crucial Aids cash to fund war:

Bush has promised a US$15 billion five-year plan to combat AIDS, especially in Africa. But he came under fire from Aids activists when he asked the House of Representatives for only US$2 billion next year US$1 billion less than expected for the programme. Bush has insisted he will find the full US$15 billion.

He sure will! It's right next to the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Osama's Afghanistan cave! Saddam's using it for a pillow!

Botswana President Festus Mogae told the Financial Standard, an East African publication, that Africa is receiving a steady, if insufficient, flow of cash from the United States and other Western donors. "(US President George W) Bush has promised (billions of dollars) but unfortunately he is diverting most of it to his war in the Middle East."

We asked ealier what this had to do with the moon. It's this:

NASA budget sliced by $300 million for congressional pork

When House and Senate budget negotiators announced a deal on a massive $328 billion federal spending bill, lawmakers proudly noted that they had funded NASA at the amount requested by President Bush in February.

But details in NASA's $15.5 billion funding show that budget-writers axed more than $300 million from its budget request and replaced those dollars with money for line items of their own choosing. Many of them are hometown "pork" projects that win legislators political favor at home, but no fans inside the affected federal agencies.

For example, the proposed budget slices $200 million from the International Space Station program and $70 million from the Space Launch Initiative, part of an effort to develop the next generation of spacecraft. Another $20 million was cut from Project Prometheus, a key element of the agency's hopes of finding a way to convert nuclear energy into electricity for in-space propulsion and power.

All of this in a year when NASA suffered one of its darkest moments, the Feb. 1 loss of seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia, and when many legislators have openly criticized the space agency's budget as insufficient.

NASA chief Sean O'Keefe sounded bitter in noting that NASA did exactly what Congress ordered: to get the space station's spiraling cost overruns under control. Yet lawmakers are now upsetting the balanced ledger that was so hard to achieve

This bill has yet to pass the House, which votes on this bill this coming Monday (12/15), and Democrats in the Senate are planning on delaying a vote until January, although the reason is not specified in the article.

Ergo, this is not yet a fait accompli that can be laid at the clay feet of George Warmonger Bush, but I think it would be safe to say that the White House is in some way involved with this alteration in NASA's funding. The article only mentions two projects, one each in Alaska and Hawaii, and I think it's safe to again say that the detoured project funding is intended either to buy votes or to bolster a GOP candidate's chances of election.

It's evident that the Republican Party holds many things more dear than any promises they appear to make, and each one of these has the protrait of a famous American in an oval frame in the center. Each of these is so dear that they will even stiff their own leader's plans to acquire more of them.

The point is that when George Warmonger Bush makes you a promise of financial support, don't place any orders - for drugs or spacecraft - until you can see the green of his dollars.

UPDATE tex had a comment:

until you can see the green of his dollars.

OUR dollars, not his.

I stand corrected. I will adjust the post.

My thanks. [/update]

So much for Bush showing leadership. So much for displaying vision. So much for the "Kennedy Moment".

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