Tuesday :: Dec 9, 2003

Democratic Candidates Accused of Playing Loose With Facts

by Mary

Posted by Mary
The SCLM is at it again. Setting the record straight by pointing out that the Democrats are a bunch of dissemblers in their over-the-wall attacks on the President. Consider this article about the debate which was written to dispell the nonsence of the dirty Dems. In a true patriotic matter the reporter gathered this impressive list of "facts" that the Democrats are missing and thus making illegitimate attacks on a President whose record stands for itself.

On the economy:

Two of the candidates used a favorite attack line against Bush -- Lieberman said "3.5 million people have lost their jobs" and Howard Dean twice cited the 3 million jobs lost under Bush -- but their statements also ignored the improving economy.

It is true that about 3 million jobs were lost during the early months of the Bush presidency. But that trend has been reversing for several months as the jobless rate has dropped from a peak of 6.4 percent in June to 5.9 percent last month.

All those people who stand to lose their unemployment benefits four days before Christmas will have the pleasure of contributing to making the jobless numbers better soon. After all, when you can drop 2.1 million unemployed workers from the roles, it should make that unemployment rate look pretty good, huh?

On taxcuts:

Several of the nine Democrats attacked the tax cuts Bush pushed through Congress. But none mentioned that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who has served both Republican and Democratic presidents, has cited those cuts as a reason for the recent growth of the economy.

And we all know that Alan Greenspan is infallible.

On terrorism:

On foreign policy, Wesley Clark and Dean accused Bush of "not fighting terrorism."

Although al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden remains at large, the administration's war has substantially thinned the ranks of the terror network, including the arrest of Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. The administration also has thwarted dozens of attacks through increased cooperation with allies.

Osama bin Who? Certainly we all must agree that Bush has done an outstanding job in smiting the terrorists. That's why both Afghanistan and Iraq are just getting better and better. No terrorism to worry about there.

I'm glad that we have such a fine media. Otherwise people would start to believe the candidates "exaggerations" and "mistruths" about Bush's record.

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